Gadget Links: 10 Days to Choose Edition

  • Isolator- Concentration Application For Mac OS X on LifeDev: "I don’t think I have to tell this blog’s readers how hard it can be to stay on task when working on the computer. That’s why “concentration applications” are great tools to have. If you’re a mac user, check out the elegant Isolator for blocking out all of those outside distractions associated with working with a tool that can do soooo many things...."
  • Avoid needless delays in System Updates on "While installing the 10.4.11 Server and subsequent 10.4.11 security patch, I had to wait a very long time (over an hour) while the Installer was configuring the install. I peeked in on the Installer process..., and found that it was searching through every directory on all mounted drives on the machine for files to update...." [ Does this pertain to MacOS X workstations or just servers? If so, does it pertain to Leopard or just Tiger? ]
  • Weekend project: Wire Your Home On-the-Cheap with DIY Network Cables on Lifehacker: "The video demonstration above from electronics retailer TigerDirect details the relatively simple process of cutting your own Ethernet cables so you don't end up spending more than you need wiring your home or office (you also won't end up with 10 feet too much or a foot too little like you often will when you buy pre-cut). Wireless home networks are convenient, but if you regularly transfer large files or stream HD-quality video, nothing beats a solid wired network....
  • Test-Driving a Sno-Park Maserati in The Wall Street Journal: This article compares a $4.99 snow saucer from L.L. Bean to a $279 inflatable "body board for the snow" imported from Switzerland. Although the writer expected there to be little difference in the fun had on the two sledding devices, she actually found that the $279 was far more fun and less jarring than the basic model.