A Few Interesting Items in the Popular Science Holiday Gift Guide

Popular Science published an article called What Web Celebs Want where they asked 15 people with popular websites what holiday gift they most wanted this year. They also asked what gift they wanted in the future. Most of the answers regarding future gifts were about products that didn't exist yet.

Here's a summary of the gifts they wanted this year:

  • Amazon Kindle: an e-book reader that we've discussed elsewhere on Operation Gadget. This was picked by two of 15 people surveyed.
  • Apple iPhone: You mean one of these celebs doesn't already have one?
  • Audible.com subscription: Still the best source of downloadable audiobooks.
  • Garmin nüvi 350: a cool in-car GPS with a 3.5-inch display. Another person chose a "Top of the line" GPS for use in the car, which is more or less asking for the same thing.
  • "High end music server", better than a Squeezebox, but not identified.
  • Hypoxico Deluxe Bed Tent: a tent that fits over a bed for physical fitness training or general acclimation to high altitude.
  • Lemur Multitouch Control Surface: a flat panel with a GUI to control sequencers, modular synthesizers, virtual instruments, VJ software, 3D animation tools, and light control.
  • Marantz PMD-620: a professional handheld recorder for use by reporters and interviewers.
  • Mini Cooper Hybrid: A hybrid electric vehicle that's only been built as a proof-of-concept. See the Mini QED article on PMLFlightLink.com.
  • Nokia N82, a super Nokia N-series imaging phone that's not available in North America yet.
  • Rock Band: a video game similar to Guitar Hero.
  • Spectrum Z510: a 3D printer for making models and prototypes of engineered products.
  • Tenori-on: a digital musical instrument from Yamaha with a flat-panel display.

The ideas that these celebrities came up with for future holiday gifts are pretty interesting too. I hope to talk about them in the future.