Getting Back Online

I took an unplanned, long vacation from writing on Operation Gadget. It began when I unexpectedly changed jobs back in September. I don't want to go into what happened. I'm glad to leave that job behind and move on to a new one.

Shortly after I left my job, I participated in a tryout for the ECAC Ice Hockey Officiating Staff. I was chosen to work in the ECAC West Conference, which is NCAA Division III ice hockey for men and women. Getting the opportunity to officiate at the college varsity level has been a big goal of mine since I graduated from RPI. Kathleen and I are very happy that it happened.

I found a new job and started work in mid-October. At the time I was still finishing the paperwork from the end of my old job.

The combined effect of the job change, new officiating situation, and my normal duties as part of my family were enough to occupy all of my time. I'm coming back to writing now because I see the dust settling a bit, and I think there's room for me to write at least a few articles a week.

Stay tuned for news about how I used my iPhone to find a new job and other exciting stuff.