Tour de France Hiatus

For the first time since I started Operation Gadget, I put this site on hiatus during the The Tour de France. I had promised myself that I would focus only on technology used at the Tour this year, and not talk about race results, strategy, or other news. After the announcement of Patrik Sinkewitz positive doping test on July 18, coverage of the Tour increasingly focused on doping and rule compliance issues.

I was still watching the race, but I didn't feel that the articles I wanted to write were relevant anymore. I also think that the audience for cycling technology information was preoccupied with breaking news. It's generally better for me to hold off on publishing articles that won't get read when they are current.

It's hard to know where professional cycling is going at the moment. Many commentators and long time fans have put a very positive spin on the disqualifications that took place at this year's Tour de France, suggesting that they are indications that the cheaters are being caught and that riders and teams want to abide by the anti-doping rules now. I hope that's the case.

I hope that by next year, the clouds over this great sport will have lifted.