Centralizes a Lot of Information for Tour de France Fans

One of Frank Steele's projects for this year's Tour de France is, a wiki specifically about the Tour. A lot of the information that's been published so far is helpful to Tour fans who are following the race on TV or the Internet. The information that's been published so far includes:

  • Information about the current (or most recent) stage,
  • News, mainly results from previous stages, and
  • Web Resources, including:
    • official websites of the Tour de France and broadcast rights holders,
    • blogs,
    • photo galleries,
    • streaming audio,
    • podcasts, and
    • Twitter.

I contributed the information about streaming audio, podcasts, and Twitter, and linked back to the reviews of these services here on Operation Gadget.

TdFwiki is open for your contributions as well. If you see information that's missing from the wiki, you can create an account for yourself and add it.

I think these are early days for this wiki, but it has several contributors who've been usefully blogging the Tour de France for several years. Frank and his co-authors are adding a lot of valuable information while continuing to blog the Tour in their own ways.