A Quick Update on Recent Events

Sorry I haven't updated Operation Gadget since my son Jimmy's birthday last week. There was a lot going on that took me away from my computer:

  • Jimmy's first birthday party: We had what I consider a small scale party for Jimmy when he and Kathleen got back from the Shore-- only 25 or so of our closest friends and family attended. The preparation for it was very time consuming, but the day itself was great fun.
  • Jimmy's surgery: A lot of this past week centered around preparing for and surviving Jimmy's hand surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Jimmy had minor corrective surgery on both hands on Friday. This was planned a long time ago for around his first birthday so there would be fewer possible issues with anesthesia. The surgery went very well, but it was an all-day effort for the whole family. Preparing for this over the past few days was much more time consuming than I had expected.
  • Major DNS problems at CTDATA: I did a big DNS server migration on Memorial Day that didn't go perfectly. The problems really started to surface on Friday morning, while Kathleen and I were at the hospital with Jimmy. (Operation Gadget and 10 or 12 other websites were affected.) Fixing the problem took up all of my time on Friday afternoon after we got home from the hospital.

I think we're back on track now, and I'll probably have more time to post the stuff I've been working on recently.