Happy Birthday, Wes!

Wes, Julie, and Robert
Wes Howson was born on Tuesday at a hospital in
New Jersey. Everyone's very happy. [ Photo:
Kathleen Aiello ]

Wesley Howson was born on Tuesday evening in a nearby hospital. Wes was 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and 21 inches long. My sister Julie and Wes are doing fine. A number of friends and relatives visited over the two days they were in the hospital.

This is Julie and her husband Robert's second baby. Wes has a big sister Emma who was born in March 2005. Kathleen and I took a lot more photos of Emma than we did of Wes, but the main reason was that we had our own son Jimmy to keep entertained while taking the pictures. That's life in a growing family I guess.

This was the first time we used our new Canon PowerShot A540 to take newborn baby pictures. I still have to compare the images of Wes and his family to the ones we took when Emma was born. The Emma photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot A95 and I thought the pictures taken with the flash supressed came out darker than they looked on the LCD display.

This time we stayed away from the flash-suppressed shots, and it didn't matter as much because Wes slept a lot while we were there. So far the shots from the A540 look great. This is a great use for a point-and-shoot camera like this one.