Gadget Links: The Big 4-0 Edition

  • World AIDS Day marked with warnings, services, art actions on I'm in favor of having a World AIDS Day, I just wish it didn't fall on my birthday, every year.
  • Running Vista on a Mac, Mossberg's Mailbox on I didn't care as much about Walter Mossberg's answer to the question about whether it would be possible to run Microsoft Vista on a Macintosh as I did about his recommendation against immersive entertainment during cardiac rehab. Mossberg said, "... as a former heart-surgery patient who benefited immensely from cardiac rehab classes, let me suggest that isolating yourself with an iPod may not be the best way to go through the program. In my experience, the information provided by the professionals and the support from fellow patients was invaluable. To absorb those, I found, you have to be social and involved."
  • Review: 3 smart phones target consumers AP analysis on Brief comparison of Nokia E62, Samsung BlackJack, and Palm Treo 680.
  • Apple patent could point to iPhone MacWorld report on "A patent application filed by Apple has fueled speculation that the company is readying an iPhone device that would extend the life of the iPod and allow the company to branch off in a new direction.... Appleā€™s application describes a 'tube-like' device made using zirconia and alumina and that would be 'cost effective, smaller, lighter, stronger and aesthetically more pleasing than current' designs."
  • Wii: first thoughts on "It's fun. Really fun. Like 'baby laughing hysterically for no reason other than he's a baby and he's alive' fun.... Nintendo is betting the farm that just like megapixels don't matter as much nowadays when buying digital cameras as lens quality, camera features, etc., the number of polygons your console's processor spits out at what resolution matters less than how fun the games are."