Gadget Links: First Game of the Season Edition

  • Ribcap Knit Helmet on CoolTools: "D3o Labs has come up with a new foam that is soft in general use, but gets rigid when impacted. This material was used in Olympic slalom ski suits to take the sting out of the on-coming gates and to offer crash protection. A Swiss company, Ribcap, has licensed this material for a set of very nicely made knit caps. These hats have this smart foam sewn in to make them effectively a soft helmet." A must buy for skiers and snowboarders that won't wear hard shell helmets. I'd love to see hockey skate manufacturers try to include this stuff in boots.
  • A Sea Change in Shopping on Jason Fry talks about how his shopping habits have gradually migrated on-line since 1995. [ from Martin O'Donnell, Subscription probably required. ]
  • Review: Nokia N93 Multimedia Marvel on Excellent, very detailed review of the best digital video camera phone on the market today by Jin Khang Ong.
  • Lance: I'm Not Patient About Cancer on "It is time to hold our leaders accountable. It remains to be seen if the change in power on Capitol Hill will affect the fight against cancer.... In two years, we will elect a new president. We cannot predict the actions of any of our elected officials, but we can say for sure that when it comes to cancer, their silence is unacceptable." I missed this OpEd when it ran in the Austin American-Statesman in late November. [ Free registration required. ]

At the rink today for my first NJSIAA-sanctioned high school hockey game of the season. If you are at Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ at 4:00pm, I'll see you there.