Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller Lets Adult and Baby Listen to Music from iPod

My wife Kathleen and I got a Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller at Kathleen's baby shower a few weeks before our son Jimmy was born. Now that Jimmy is over two months old, he can support himself well enough to ride in a stroller built for a large baby or a small child. That's why I assembled the stroller the other night and gave it try on a walk around Newtown.

There are a lot of "nice-to-have" features that some people may feel are overkill, but one the feature I want to call to your attention today is the Music On the Move Parent Tray. This is a set of battery-powered speakers that sits on the frame of the stroller near the handle. It has a headphone connector attached that you can use with your iPod. This is a much better idea for using your iPod while strolling than simply plugging the ear buds into your ears.

Thanks to the Music on the Move System, we're able to listen to music and still hear Jimmy without any difficulty. He likes music, so the speakers are even more handy. Finally, we're more likely to hear vehicles approaching us if we use the Music on the Move System than if we use a set of headphones.

We put the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller on our baby registry mainly because it was Jeep branded. Our friends thought this was cute because I drive a Jeep and now Jimmy has a Jeep stroller as well. But the thing that sets this mid-sized stroller apart from its many competitors is the built-in speaker system.