Publishes a Great Interview with Cycling.TV Host

Chris Brewer of published a great interview with Anthony McCrossan of Cycling.TV. This is the website that provides streaming video access to many of the smaller road cycling events that don't make it on to U.S. television.

I think it's great that The Paceline is coming out with articles like this. It seems like they realize that cycling fans have a huge appetite for behind-the-scenes info and always seem to be asking themselves, "Wow, how did they do that?" It's not just the riders and their performances that fans are interested in, but the whole scene.

McCrossan talks candidly about the role they play in the cycling community, including their negotiations with host broadcasters over Internet rights to major cycling races, their dealings with OLN, and how Cycling.TV's backend works. [ Registration required to read articles on The Paceline ].

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