Published Complete World Cup Schedule for U.S. Television

The 2006 FIFA World Cup started in Germany yesterday. I watched my first game of the tournament this morning-- a surprisingly forgettable 1-0 victory by England over Paraguay.

There are a lot of World Cup-oriented websites to look at. One site I found useful already is the composite World Cup TV schedule compiled by that was mentioned in Matt Haughey's article World Cup and PVR's on PVR Blog. This schedule includes broadcasts in English and Spanish as well as explanations of how to receive games in German, Arabic, Portuguese, Farsi, and French by subscription.

This composite TV schedule will help me plan the games that I want to watch live. I'll leave the rest up to my TiVo.

Another cool thing about the PVRblog article is a comment that explains how to record all of the World Cup-related programs on a High Definition DirecTV TiVo PVR.

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