How Pro Cycling Fans Will Watch the 2006 Tour de Georgia at Woody's Gap on April 21

Todd Fryburger reports that he will be at Woody's Gap again this year to watch Stage 4 of the 2006 Ford Tour de Georgia. Stage 4 of the 2006 Tour de Georgia will take place on Friday, April 21, 2006.

Last year Todd provided some great on-the-spot information from Woody's Gap, including the MPEG movie clip that we published in How Bad Was the Weather on Woody's Gap? which shows an intense hail storm.

Todd wrote:

{Many of us} in the Atlanta cycling community plan on sitting atop Woody Gap on Friday to watch / listen as TdG Stage 4 unfolds.

We will be using Cingular EDGE / GPRS service via my cellphone attached to my laptop to receive the web-based updates from and In addition, we will be monitoring Nexrad weather radar via as well as a few
other sites - do not want to repeat the hailstorm experience of last year. We are using Cingular service as we understand the Verizon does not have broadband coverage that far North. We will use a Wilson omnidirectional
external "trucker" antenna to ensure we have the best bandwidth performance via Cingular - it won't be broadband, but should be sufficient for the text-based race updates provided by these websites.

Read on for additional resources that Todd and his friends will have to follow Stage 4, radio frequencies that Todd thinks will be useful, information about how to get to Woody's Gap, and when to arrive....

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Todd Fryburger continued:

We will be using a very basic 30-channel Uniden Bearcat scanner to monitor the Radio Tour frequency (450.8875 MHz). I have been told by the Technical Director of the {Tour de Georgia} that there are several other channels used by the TdG for the officials / commissars and various operations / support vehicles - I do not have a specific frequency list, but am told they are all between 450.0000 MHz and 451.0000 MHz. All of the TdG radio communications are analog, not digital, although some of the specific team radios may use digital technology.

We believe the TdG is again using an airplane-based radio repeater system to give greater range for its communications within the caravan, as well as back to the finish line. With a standard antenna, this should give the average fan about a 15 - 20 miles range, depending upon terrain / conditions.

...We will be using a special base station scanner antenna to give us more range, mounted atop a portable flagpole. As Woody Gap is the highest point on Stage 4, this may give us over a 40 mile range, meaning that we may be able to monitor Radio Tour as far as Ft. Mountain to the West, and be able to listen to the latter 90 miles of the stage. The use of a directional Yagi antenna would even further improve reception.

We have programmed the scanner to include the follow channels:

  • Tour de Georgia - Radio Tour 450.8875
  • HAM Repeater 146.8350
  • HAM Repeater 443.1000
  • Georgia DNR Park Rangers - Ft. Mountain 31.1000
  • Georgia DNR Park Rangers - Ft. Mountain 31.1400
  • Georgia DNR Park Rangers - Ft. Mountain 151.1750
  • Georgia State Patrol 154.6800
  • Murray County Sheriff's Office 154.8150
  • Georgia State Patrol 154.9050
  • Georgia State Patrol 154.9350
  • Dalton Police Department Dispatch 155.1300
  • Lumpkin County EMS 155.2650
  • Lumpkin, County of 155.5950
  • Ellijay Police Department 155.6250
  • Union County Sheriff's Office - Dispatch 155.7300
  • Chatsworth Police Department Dispatch 155.7900
  • Gilmer County Sheriff's Office Dispatch 158.8550
  • White County Sheriff's Office 159.0900
  • Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office 159.2100
  • U.S. Forestry Service Law Enforcement 168.0250
  • U.S. Forestry Service Oconee NF 171.9750

Woody's Gap is on Georgia Highway 60 between Suches and Dahlonega, GA. It's location is shown as KOM (3) on this map of Stage 4 of the Tour de Georgia. [ PDF/Adobe Acrobat file ]

The race is expected to arrive at Woody's Gap between 2:37 and 3:22pm on Friday. See the race log for Stage 4 [ PDF/Adobe Acrobat file ]

If you want to enjoy the action, you should arrive at least 60 minutes before the earliest estimated arrival time, and probably earlier. Please note that parking is extremely limited at Woody's Gap and the road is subject to closure at any time by local and state police agencies. [ Thanks Todd! ]