Windows Vista to Be Delayed Until January 2007

The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft will delay the general release of Windows Vista until January 2007. According to the article, "Mr. Allchin {co-president of Microsoft's Platforms & Services Division} said that the major reason for this delay -- which amounts to several weeks beyond the original expected launch date -- is to give Microsoft more time to improve the "quality" of the Windows Vista. Specifically, he said Microsoft needs a few more weeks to test the security and other quality aspects of the product."

The announcement was made in a conference call with analysts late this afternoon.

I've never been to iterested in Vista because I think desktop operating systems other than Mac OS X are commodities. I have to admit that now I'm really intrigued. Who knows what will happen to the market for new Windows PCs now that consumers won't be able to get Vista for at least 10 months? [ Registration required to view most articles in The Wall Street Journal. ]