Polar Precision Performance Software Gets Another Update

Janus Sandsgaard of Machine Culture emailed me on Friday to point out that Polar Precision Performance Software has been updated to add the following new features:

  • Double-clicking on day row opens the Diary to Daily details page.
  • Week count extended to max. 20 (Calendar Properties – General – Number of Weeks)
  • Entire day note text shown if there are no exercises for the day.
  • Team name added to Quick user switch member name list. (Shown only if Coach login is on.)
  • Sending data from one day is now possible.
  • Plus a number of fixes for bugs that popped up in previous version.

Polar Precision Performance Software has been my favorite training log software for a long time. (To find out why, read Why Training Log Software is One of The Most Important Features of a Fitness Gadget from December 2003.) I think PPP has remained relevant over the last three years because Polar keeps enhancing it. I strongly recommend that all Polar AXN and S-Series HRM users upgrade as soon as possible. [ Thanks Janus! ]