Choosing the Motorola HS850 as My First Bluetooth Headset

I've decided to buy a Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset for use with my Palm Treo 650 and my PC. I thought about this for a couple of weeks before I made the decision. Much of that delay was the result of a lack of consistency I found in Bluetooth headset reviews on the Internet.

I'd like to review a number of Bluetooth headsets, so I have to start somewhere. On MobileBurn, I read that the HS850 has the same design as the HS810. The improvements from the HS810 are better battery life and Bluetooth 1.2 compatibility. The HS820 is cheaper, but has more problems with wind noise when used outdoors, because it lacks the boom microphone.

I'm planning to use the HS850 to familiarize myself with Bluetooth headsets and as a baseline for future headset reviews.

Regular readers may ask why I didn't buy the Cardo Scala 500, which seems to be a great deal at I have to admit that I was influenced by the changes that Treonauts made to their review recently. I have never used a Bluetooth headset, so I have to take reviews from major blogs fairly seriously. I think I may come back later, try the Cardo Scala 500, and compare it to the HS850.

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