Buried in Consulting Work at the Moment

I've had a hard time making time to write for Operation Gadget for the past week. On Friday, Kathleen and I were in Maryland attending her brother John's graduation from a three year on-the-job training program. It turned into an all-day affair because most of Kathleen's family was there to attend and celebrate afterward.

This week I've been working on two different projects for clients of my Weblog Improvement consulting business. I'm working on a huge set of deliverables for my friend Chris Nolan, a journalist based in San Francisco. It's so much work that I probably won't be done until the end of next week.

Today I finished a small project for Harris Salat, a writer and producer who blogs about food and exotic culture. He calls his blog He ate well and I've had fun reading his articles during breaks in the stylesheet and template wrangling.

I'm trying to make time to ride my bike because otherwise I'll show up for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope DC Fundraising Ride without enough miles in my legs. So far this week, I took one afternoon when I otherwise might have written some articles for Operation Gadget and hit the road instead. I'll probably have to do this again tomorrow.

I guess it's good to be this busy, but I'm feeling pressure from every direction. Maybe I should look back at some of the suggestions I made in the Productivity and Organization section of this site.

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