Polar Precision Performance Software Update Provides New Features and Calendar Themes

Polar Precision Performance Software: A
new update has been released which includes
new screen themes like this.
[ Image: Polar Electro ]

I recently received word that Polar Electro has released a free update to its Polar Precision Performance Software for that comes with its high end Heart Rate Monitors like the Polar S625x. The following features are included:

  • Synchronize function enabling quick transfer of new exercises. The default sport settings are used for quick transfer. (Tools > Synchronize)
  • Easy merging of two exercise files. (Edit > Merge Exercises)
  • Delete data from a selected area in the curve view. (Edit > Delete Selection)
  • Sport-specific pace unit. (Options > Person Properties > Sports > Edit > Pace)
  • Polar OwnOptimizer test value with explanation added to Day Information.
  • Calendar theme selection added with a package of 8 ready themes available in the Themes folder. (Calendar Properties > Theme)

All of the other features are more important, but I want to call attention to the screenshot that's posted in this article. This is the new default theme for the software and it's a major improvement from the color scheme that Polar Precision Performance had in previous versions. (See the screen shot in Why Training Log Software is One of The Most Important Features of a Fitness Gadget from December 2003 for comparison.)

As is the case with every Polar Precision Performance update, I'm going to have to look carefully at the application to see what the new features do. If I see anything worth reporting in more detail I'll let you know.