Official Tour de France Replica Yellow Jersey Offered by Discovery Channel Store

2005 Tour de France Yellow Jersey
Replica Maillot Jaune from
the 2005 Tour de France
Lots of Lance Armstrong
fans are buying a Yellow
Jersey to remember Lance's
seventh and final Tour
victory. [ Photo: Discovery
Channel Store ]

The Discovery Channel Store is commemorating Lance Armstrong's seventh-consecutive Tour de France victory by selling official replicas of the yellow jersey he wore on the Champs-Elysees.

The Yellow Jersey is made if Nike Dri-Fit polyester and has sublimated Discovery Channel, AMD, and Trek team-sponsor logos as well as Nike and Credit Lyonnais jersey-sponsor logos. These jerseys have an "invisible front zipper" which is really long. They also have deeper rear pockets than most of the jerseys the I own. I wish more of the jerseys sold for everyday training were constructed this well.

When we rode the Tour of Hope Fundraising Ride in Washington, DC last October, my friend Cecil Ledesma wore a replica Tour de France Yellow Jersey similar to the one on sale at the Discovery Channel Store. The biggest difference between the jersey he wore and the one being sold now is that the new one includes the team-sponsor logos just as Lance wore them.

If you buy this jersey or any other products from the Discovery Channel Store with a total cost of $75.00 or more, you get free shipping by entering the coupon code VICTORY. This offer is valid through August 31.

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