How to Find Your Tour of Hope Rider's Donation ID Number

Earlier today, Barry Penn Hollar emailed me to ask:

I'm also registered {for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope} and have been trying to figure out this Donor ID# thing. I see you have yours listed on your {Tour of Hope Fundraising} page. How'd you get it?

A rider in the Tour of Hope DC Fundraising Ride needs to provide his or her Rider's Donation ID Number to any donor who wants to make a contribution by check. This number lets the Lance Armstrong Foundation associate the donor's check with the correct rider.

The Payment Receipt for the Tour of Hope DC Fundraising Ride Registration Fee: My Rider's Donation
ID is circled in red.

If you look at the receipt you received when you made your initial $50 payment, you'll see a line that reads "Rider's Donation ID #". That's the number you need to give to your sponsors who are paying by check.

I'm glad that fellow Tour of Hope riders are already finding the infomation I'm posting about participating in the 2005 Tour of Hope. The source of the Rider's Donation ID Number certainly isn't clear from the materials I've gotten, so I'm happy to be able to post the answer. If you think of any other questions about the Tour of Hope fundraising that aren't answered by the Tour of Hope website, you can email them to me at daiello [at] and I'll try to help find the answer.

Thanks to Jamie Snow at for confirming this information.

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