Hincapie Wins the Queen Stage of the 2005 Tour

I haven't focused on stage results in covering the The Tour de France this year, but I wanted to salute George Hincapie who won his first ever Tour de France stage today at the summit of Pla d'Adet. As many others have said, he's the only rider on the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team who has ridden with Lance Armstrong through all six (and two-thirds) of his General Classification victories.

No rider in the pro peloton is more deserving of victory in an major stage of the Tour de France than George Hincapie. I remember cheering in front of the television the day that Tyler Hamilton won Stage 16 of the 2003 Tour in Bayonne because that was such an inspirational ride. Kathleen and I were both just as excited to see the George put his hands in the air in triumph today as he crossed the finish line.

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