Al Trautwig Using LiveStrong Special Edition Notebook During Tour de France Pre-race Show on OLN

Josh Hallett of asked:

Did you notice that {Al Trautwig} had a LiveSTRONG laptop on the desk during the OLN pre-show?

I missed that the first time I watched the Pre-race Show, but I was able to go back and look carefully at the lid of Trautwig's laptop, at the extreme left of camera shots of him. That definitely is an H-P Special Edition LiveStrong Notebook PC he's using.

I'm glad to see they thought enough of the AMD-HP effort to support the LiveStrong initiative to put one of these laptops on the set. What surprised me about seeing the notebook on the screen is how small the words "LiveStrong" appeared on screen if the camera wasn't focused on them. Although the letters are yellow on a black background, I didn't see them unless I looked very carefully.

If I were AMD, I'd have a special notebook made for OLN's on-air use that had larger, bolder letters on the lid. This way it would be clear to even a casual viewer that the notebook said "LiveStrong" on it.

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