The Tyranny of the Boxes

Greetings from the new Home Office in Newtown, PA.

I was telling a story of the move last night at a dinner with my wife's co-workers and we were laughing about how I had said, "there will probably not be much new content on Operation Gadget until late Thursday or early Friday." There was pretty much no chance I was getting on-line yesterday unless I wanted to post a story from my Treo 650, and that was not really a priority.

I had planned ahead and had DSL pre-installed in the new house, but finding the firewall and the WiFi access point and having time to install and re-configure them was a different issue.

OK, the set 'em and forget 'em stuff is done. Now we can move on to the truly important stuff: re-assembling the desk, putting in a few Category 5e drops, and finding the clean underwear in the boxes my wife packed. Maybe we can even put the living room furniture in approximately the right places sometime today too.