Photos Posted of Wachovia Cycling Series- Lancaster Race

Walters, Rodriguez, and Julich
Walters, Rodriguez, and Julich
lined up at the start line in Lancaster, PA.
See the 2005 Wachovia Cycling Series
Photo Gallery
for more photos of the
races. [ Photo: Dave Aiello ]

I just posted my photos of the Wachovia Cycling Series- Lancaster Race. There are 35 photos up in the gallery, including:

You probably remember that Greg Henderson of HealthNet Presented by Maxxis edged Fred Rodriguez for the win. It was an interesting race and a good crowd turned out to watch it.

I'm hoping to get more good photos in Trenton this afternoon. The course is tight and twisting in places, but has a couple of straightaways where the peloton can build up a lot of speed. The part of the course on West State Street should be very good for photos.

There are questions about whether high speed Internet access will be available at the race today for credentialed journalists. If we don't have Internet access, I probably won't post many articles until I get back from the race. That means late this evening or tomorrow morning.

The Wachovia Cycling Series- Trenton Race begins at 4:30pm. It's a 91-mile, 14 lap race with a start/finish line in front of the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton. Hope to see you there.

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