SV-iP4G Waterproof Listening Solution for Fourth Generation iPods

iP4G Underwater iPod Case
SV iP4G Waterproof Case and Headset
provides a way to use your
4th Generation iPod in the pool.
[ Photo: H2O Audio ].

Moments after I wrote the SwiMP3 Underwater MP3 Player article, I leaned that a company called H2O Audio started shipping the SV iP4G waterproof case and headset for the fourth-generation iPod. This announcement just happened yesterday, so I don't feel out of touch with the market.

The price of the case and headset package is $150. You still have to come up with a way to attach the iPod inside the SV-iP4G case to your body, but that could be done in a number of ways.

The SV iP4G looks like a lot better solution for protecting an iPod than any homemade solution that you could develop using off-the-shelf waterproof components. It's obvious from looking at the design of the case that it's made to fit the 4th Generation iPod perfectly and that other models of audio player would require a different design. As you can imagine, H2O Audio also has waterproof packages for:

  • The iRiver iFP-700 series MP3 players, called the SV i700,
  • The iPod mini 4-Gigabyte and 6-Gigabyte players, called the SV iMini, and
  • The 3rd Generation iPod, called the SV iP3G.

I still think that the SwiMP3 player is an optimized solution for lap swimming, but I believe that the SV series of waterproof cases from H2O Audio can keep your iPod or iRiver music players dry while you use them in the pool. [ via Gizmodo and Mac News Network ]