TdG Photo Catch Up

Frank Steele from TdFblog pointed out that I told him that Floyd Landis was having a press conference at 6:00pm tonight. He called me to see if I attended. I told him I didn't and here's why:

I have posted over 150 photos of the Dodge Tour de Georgia so far and a lot of them were missing captions, due to a variety of technical problems that I'd been experiencing at the Media Center during the last few days. I'm catching up with the captioning now, courtesy of the sports guys at the Rome News-Tribune who work these hours normally anyway. Everyone else from the Tour de Georgia media contingent left a long time ago. I think that says something about my determination (or something).

Here are some links into the photo gallery for people catching up:

Captions are still going up on Stage 3. I will continue until I am done. Then I am going back to the hotel and going to bed.