Living on Clif Bars and 100 Calorie Snack Packs

I'm still at the top of Brasstown Bald, taking advantage of the WiFi network that the Dodge Tour de Georgia provides to the credentialed media. We've got a faster connection at the top of this wind-swept mountain than we did in Dahlonega.

One of the things that we were warned about was bringing extra food and water. I was worried when I was on the road from Gainesville that I had no food and only half a bottle of water. When I arrived at the parking lot at the 1 km to go mark, I dug through my trunk and found my supply of Clif Bars and Nabisco 100 Calorie Snack Packs. I've been surviving on these since breakfast. So far I've eaten two Clif Bars and four of the 100 calorie things. I haven't seen anything else to eat here except for the food served to VIPs.

I've got a media credential that got me up the mountain, but it didn't get me free food today. At least the media guys had three or four cases of water, otherwise we would have been in real trouble.