LiveStrong Yellow Wristbands Available Quickly from Discovery Channel On-Line Store

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in as little as six days.
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I have good news to report on the availability of LiveStrong Yellow Wristbands from the Discovery Channel On-Line Store. I ordered two 10-packs of LiveStrong Wristbands from them on January 27, 2005. I received the order on February 2 via UPS Ground which is their standard shipping option. That means I received my LiveStrong Wristband order in six days!

The Discovery Channel On-Line Store ships to the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I would strongly recommend that people in those countries who are placing orders for LiveStrong Wristbands today use the Discovery Channel On-Line Store. They run a first rate e-commerce system and order status communication is excellent.

I think Discovery is positioning itself to provide some relief to the Lance Armstrong Foundation staff by offering LiveStrong Wristbands through its on-line store. The LAF has done an incredible job in the face of an avalanche of orders that hasn't let up for 7 months.