iSMARTtrain 2.0 Brings Polar Heart Rate Monitor Data Analysis to Macintosh

Stuart Tevendale reports that iSMARTtrain Version 2.0 is now available. This $40.00 program is a fitness training log for the Apple Macintosh platform, with versions coming soon for Windows and Linux. iSMARTtrain interfaces with the Polar S610, S625x, S710, S720, S725, S810, Xtrainer, or Accurex II heart rate monitors. Pre-existing data can be imported from PCCoach, Polar Precision Performance Software, or other training logs that use ".hrm" files.

iSMARTtrain also helps athletes interact with a coach by making it easy to email preformance data from training sessions and races. This would be helpful to athletes who use coaching services like Carmichael Training Systems.

A limited version of iSMARTtrain is available for free. It allows 20 entries to be placed in the log, which sounds like enough to decide whether the program is right for you.