Replacing a Lost Polar T-31 Heart Rate Transmitter with a Polar WearLink

I only mentioned this in passing before Christmas, but I lost my Polar T-31 heart rate monitor transmitter. I wore it during a hockey game that I officiated back on October 14 and I haven't seen it since. I keep hoping that it will turn up in the pile of debris next to my desk in the Home Office, but it's probably gone.

Heart rate monitors are useless if you don't wear them or you can't collect data because your transmitter strap is missing or broken. I procrastinated for weeks, then a few words in Joel McNamara's Polar AXN Series Review got me focused again:

The AXN 700 comes with the WearLink chest strap, which in my opinion is one of the biggest breakthroughs in HRM technology in a long time. Unlike the common hard plastic electrode HRM chest straps, the WearLink has the electrodes woven into soft fabric. The WearLink is more comfortable, fits better, and offers better conductivity since moisture doesn't dry out as quickly as on a typical plastic electrode strap (key features during dry, cold days or if you don't sweat very much). The other killer feature is you can replace the battery by yourself. (Other Polar straps are sealed and you need to purchase a new transmitter when the battery finally gives up.) You can buy WearLink straps separately, which I'd recommend once the battery goes bye-bye on your T-31 strap

[ Note: The emphasis in the quoted passage is mine. I realize I repeated that quote in different articles, but it's part of this story too. ]

I just ordered my new Polar WearLink and I'm hoping to receive it early next week. I've got three hockey games on next week's calendar already, so I should be able to test the Polar WearLink out quickly once I get it.