Lance Armstrong's Sirius Radio Show to Debut on Sunday, January 30

Orbitcast reported yesterday that Sirius will launch a program called "LiveStrong Radio" starring Lance Armstrong on Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 9:00pm Eastern Time. It will appear on Sirius' Faction Channel 28 which features shows by other athlete hosts including Tony Hawk, Bode Miller, and Sinjin Smith.

The Faction Channel primarily plays punk, hip-hop, and hard rock during the week, but devotes itself to specialty programming starring athletes on Sunday nights. This is a great idea that probably will drive some adoption of the Sirius service, particularly if Lance promotes it through one of the websites where that his fans read regularly (such as or The Paceline).

I'm definitely interested. I will probably sign up for a 3-day trial at so I can listen to at least part of the first LiveStrong Radio show.