SantaCross in Southern California Won by Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong in a LiveStrong Cycling Jersey
Lance Armstrong Wins SantaCross:
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[ Photo: Dorothy Wong, ] covered the reports that Lance Armstrong won the "A" Mens Race at the SantaCross cyclocross event over the weekend in Woodland Hills, California. has an excellent photo spread with plenty of shots of Lance, Tony Cruz, and fellow riders in seasonal costumes.

For some reason, mixed the name of this race up with Scary Fast 'Cross a cyclocross event that was organized by the same people and took place a few weeks earlier. Why would an event named "Scary Fast 'Cross" take place at the beginning of December? It's OK-- their photos are good.

It looks like they had great weather for this event. I bet the riders in Santa suits had hydration problems that day. According to the VeloNews report:

With the bell lap Armstrong had a 30 second lead on the now furious Santa #1 who had trained all summer with several T-Mobile riders in South Africa for this event. Lance rolled in for the win to a thunderous crowd. As Santa #1 crossed the line for 2nd he shook his fist at the crowd threatening to put them on the Naughty List too for not cheering louder for him.

Note the LiveStrong cycling jersey worn by Armstrong in this race. Has anyone seen a jersey like this available for sale? How much money would we have to raise for the LiveStrong program to receive one?