HS810 Bluetooth Headset from Motorola Featured in Forbes "Gadgets We Love" Article

Forbes Magazine published a neat photo of someone using the Motorola HS810 Bluetooth Headset with a RAZR V3 Mobile Phone in its Gadgets We Love article in their November 15th issue. The RAZR V3 isn't going to be available from Cingular Wireless until sometime later this month, but the HS810 is available today for use with any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

According to the article:

{The HS810} weighs nothing (0.7 ounces, actually) and glows an alluring blue when you're on a call. Best part: You can dial by speaking a name into the little mike and then, when you're done, hang up by pressing a silver button on the earpiece--channeling your inner Lieutenant Uhura.

I'm tired of the headsets that consist of nothing more than a wire with a microphone and an ear bud on it. I probably lost three of them in the past year, and I would have lost more if I had kept buying new ones to replace the ones I lost. The HS810 is very small, but big enough that I'll have trouble losing it.

I'm seriously considering upgrading my mobile phone to the Treo 650 when it becomes available. If I spring for the 650, I'll probably also get myself an HS810.