Reader Points Out Website with Historical Info about Atari Video Game Systems

Operation Gadget reader Chris Sansom wrote:

I am VERY excited to get the 'flashback' Atari {7800}, it sounds very fun. In your article Atari Bringing Back the 7800 Console for the Holidays with Atari Flashback (Gaming Gadgets 9/9/04) you characterized the {7800} as Atari's "second generation" gaming system. That designation should belong to the Atari 5200, I would think of the {7800} more as their "3rd Gen" box.

Good points. The site Chris points to,, provides some excellent background on the classic Atari video game systems, as well as new, refurbished, and after-market products for sale. The site contains information about:

It's amazing that people have taken the time to put a site like this together. This is probably the best evidence of why companies like Atari are bringing their classic games back out in a variety of new packages. [ Thanks Chris. ]