Verizon Offers Storm Preparedness Tips for Mobile Phone Users

Earlier today, Verizon Wireless offered some basic storm preparedness tips for mobile phone users as Hurricane Charley closes in on the Florida Gulf Coast. These tips are as valuable today as they will be during a snowstorm four months from now:

  • Keep wireless phone batteries charged -- in case local power is lost -- well before warnings are issued.
  • Have additional, fully charged batteries and car-charger adapters available for back-up power.
  • Keep phones, batteries, chargers and other equipment in a dry, accessible location.
  • Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers -- police, fire, and rescue agencies; power companies; insurance providers; family, friends and co-workers; etc. -- and program the numbers into your phone.
  • Distribute wireless phone numbers to family members and friends.
  • When dialing 9-1-1, remember to hit the "Send" key and state your location.