"The Lance Chronicles" Finale: Good Summary, But Disappointing to Regular Viewers

I tuned into the two hour finale of The Lance Chronicles last night on the Outdoor Life Network and I have to admit that I was disappointed. This was a very good condensation of the entire series for people who had not followed it from the beginning, but a problematic way for it to finish if you had seen every episode that had been aired previously. They really should have called it "The Best of The Lance Chronicles."

My wife watched the first 20 minutes with me, but said after five minutes, "I've seen all of this already." I stuck around, thinking that at some point something new would be added. If there was a new wrinkle introduced, I missed it.

I guess my only complaint is that the last episode was not promoted as a two hour summary of the series. In this case, that would have been the most respectful way to communicate with regular viewers. Aside from that, it was a terrific series that I hope is released on DVD in time for the holidays.