Siemens SK65 to Include Full Alphanumeric Keyboard and Blackberry Functionality

Siemens SK65

Martin O'Donnell pointed out that Wireless Week provided details of the features expected in the Siemens SK65. According to the article, the SK65 will include a full alphanumeric keyboard, called x2type or cross-to-type. It can be deployed by rotating the bottom half of the two piece handset to a position perpendicular to the rest of the phone. Its design is similar in some respects to the Nokia 6800 which includes a fold-out keyboard.

The phone will also include Blackberry Built-in Technology, "always on", push-based access to e-mail, calendar and business information through BlackBerry applications.

Siemens expects to ship the SK65 to Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America in November 2004. Other markets, including the United States, will see this handset later. Hopefully, a US-based GSM carrier will certify and begin shipping it by the end of the year. [ photo courtesy of Siemens AG ]