Met Chris Carmichael at "Food for Fitness" Book Signing

My wife and I attended the book signing at Galyans Sports & Outdoors this afternoon for Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness and got to meet Chris Carmichael. A large number of Carmichael Training Systems customers, serious amateur athletes, and fans of the Tour de France were there to try to meet Chris and hear a bit about the book from him.

I was impressed with the degree to which Chris Carmichael was tuned into what people said to him while he was signing books. I told him a bit about Operation Gadget and that the site focuses on fitness gadgets. He seemed interested and said he would check it out when he had time, which was very nice of him. Other people who were near us in line talked to him about their experience as clients of Carmichael Training Systems and at the Tour de France.

Kathleen and I couldn't decide when to arrive at the book signing, because we weren't sure how well attended it would be. We didn't want to be among the first in line, because I was afraid that I wouldn't have time to speak with Chris. We also would have been risking something if we arrived too late. We arrived at about 1:30, and found that Chris Carmichael was in the last moments of speaking to the assembled audience and taking questions. It's too bad we didn't arrive earlier, because I had a number of questions that I would have liked to ask him in that sort of setting.

Now that I have a signed copy of the book, I'm going to put some time into reviewing it. Thumbing through it for the first time, I was surprised to find about 50 pages of recipies developed by Chris and CTS Coach Greg Brown. Kathleen and I are always looking for new recipes and meal planning suggestions that are appropriate for athletes, so we'll have to try some of these.