This German Comment Spammer is Pretty Dumb

I love running Operation Gadget, but one of my daily chores is going through the comments posted overnight to find and delete any Comment Spam that made it on to the site. One comment spammer posts comments on a daily basis that say something like this:

Really one of the most informal places in net. I found a lot of great news. Go on like this.

The comment includes a link to some German website (like

For those of you who aren't following the issue, the point of most comment spam is to increase the search engine ranking of the site pointed to by the comment. As such, these comments represent attempts to post free advertisements on Operation Gadget.

I find the "Really one of the most informal places on the net" comments kind of humorous. I sometimes wonder how many sites these people are running, and how long it will take to get every one of them listed on Operation Gadget's comment blacklist. In any case, their comments are removed as soon as I see them. Have a good day....