China Unicom to Begin Selling GSM/CDMA Phones in July

The Chinese People's Daily reports that China Unicom will begin shipping dual technology GSM/CDMA phones in July. The phones are said to be manufactured by Samsung, LG and Motorola. Following up on this report, Smartphone Thoughts said:

... wouldn't it be great if they used the technology in Smartphones? Smartphones with its {sic} rich support for enterprise apps, are popular among the corporate users and corporate jet-setters will clearly benefit if the two technologies were combined.

These dual technology phones seem ideal for the U.S. CDMA carrier Verizon Wireless because a significant percentage of that company is owned by Vodafone. Vodafone runs most of its networks in the rest of the world on GSM. If Verizon Wireless sold these GSM/CDMA phones then some synergy between the two networks could be realized.