Got My Garmin Forerunner 201 Yesterday

I forgot to mention that I received my Garmin Forerunner 201 yesterday from

I ordered it on Saturday, April 24, using the FREE Super Saver Shipping method. I got the "Your order has shipped" message overnight between Monday and Tuesday, and received it around 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 27. The delivery estimate was May 3 - 4. I guess I lucked out.

The Forerunner shipped with version 3.10 of the firmware. I upgraded to 3.30 as recommended by Phillip Torreone's howto. I also installed Forerunner Logbook and USAPhotoMaps.

I'm planning to ride my mountain bike sometime later this morning or early this afternoon. When I do, I will follow the rest of the howto and post my results.

I took a set of photos that show what's in the box. I'll try to post a story about that today or tomorrow as well.