Bought a Replacement Treo 180 on eBay

The ear-piece part of my Treo 180 broke earlier today. I did a quick review of my options:

  • Upgrade to the Treo 600. My ideal solution, but too expensive.
  • Get repair from palmOne. Read on-line that it costs over $100. Too expensive.
  • Buy an old-style Treo that works.
    • New from a carrier. Too expensive and I would have to commit to a new contract.
    • New or used from eBay.
      • Treo 270, $150 to 175,
      • Treo 180, $50 to $125.

I decided to bid on a used Treo 180 from a high-rated seller. I won and paid $49.95, which is less than most people paid in completed auctions.

This seemed like the right decision for me. I will post details of my experience here on Operation Gadget.