New Sony Clie TH55 Review from Palm Infocenter

Kerry Lannert delivered a good review of the Sony Clie TH55 over at Palm Infocenter. The review is fairly long and full of decent quality pictures.

The review was very positive, with the TH55 winning 8.5 stars on a 10-point scale. The best features of this handheld are its size, battery life, jog dial, WiFi, and status lights. The review says that it doesn't do as well on application buttons, quality of its stylus, and Bluetooth support (said to be non-support in the U.S.).

I had an issue with this review, in that I can't really see the TH55's application buttons in any of the published photos. Is it me, or do these photos not show the buttons at all clearly? I think the review has to have at least one photo that shows the application buttons' size, relative placement, and appearance-- especially since many PalmOS-based PDAs are pushing the envelope in this part of their design.

This is another really hot product. rates the TH55 number one on their PDA and Handheld Products Early Adopter List. In fact, right now, the top three handhelds on the list are Sony products. That's surprising to me, but, I guess I don't quite fit purely in the PDA user community anymore, since I carry a Treo.