13Donuts Does a Good Comparison of Satellite Radio Services

Sirius vs XM Satellite Radio

When my wife and I were in Texas in February, we saw a lot more satellite radio receivers in cars than we do around town near our home in New Jersey. I suspect that's because the Austin and San Antonio markets are less diverse from an over-the-air radio perspective than New York City is.

This got me thinking about the services again, and which one I would choose if I were in the market today. I'm not sure whether I would pick XM or Sirius, but I've found a site that can help identify the issues.

A site called 13Dounts.com has developed a side-by-side comparison of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio which seems quite useful to me. Most of the information posted there is accurate, although the site still says that XM has commercials on many of its feeds and we reported that XM music feeds went commercial free on February 1.

In spite of that bit of obsolescence, I think that this side-by-side comparison of satellite radio services is helpful. If I find a better one, I'll point it out.