Radio YourWay Lets You Record Talk Radio Programs Like TiVo

I find ideas for products to feature on Operation Gadget in the strangest places.

Who woulda figured that the National Federation of Independent Businesses monthly magazine would have some really interesting gadgets in it? I opened the February/March 2004 edition, and found the Pogo Radio YourWay MP3 player and radio receiver.

You can set the Radio YourWay to record radio programs that you want to timeshift, in much the same way that TiVo does for cable or satellite TV. The big differences are in the lack of comprehensive program directory (Radio YourWay makes no attempt at this), and in recording quality (Radio YourWay seems to do best when recording talk, so its codec must be similar to that of

If you can get over the fact that Radio Your Way is not intended to record broadcasts from the Met and automatically turn each song into a crystal clear MP3, you're probably going to like this device. It's great for recording talk radio-- The Savage Nation or All Things Considered, or something in between.