You Can Actually Save Money on Magazine Subscriptions at

I subscribe to Forbes Magazine and I have for several years. I get a lot of ideas for Operation Gadget articles from it, including the article about the Panasonic SVAV100 D-Snap MPEG4 Camcorder.

My subscription is expiring in late March, so I'm getting direct mail pieces asking me to renew. The rate they want me to pay is $59.95 for one year (26 issues). I happened to be sitting in front of my laptop when I opened the offer, and I remembered that I saw that offers magazine subscriptions. So, I went and found the offer to subscribe to Forbes Magazine and saw that I could get the same one year subscription for substantially less.

So, you can guess that I am going to subscribe through Amazon, rather than resubscribe and pay twice as much. If you have subscriptions to renew, you might want to consider checking the Amazon price before you just mail back the subscription renewal that your favorite magazine sends you.