Skybox by Maytag "Personal Beverage Vendor" to Debut February 1

Digital Hubub pointed out that a personal beverage vending machine called Skybox by Maytag will debut on February 1. As Lee Heidel said:

The focal point of any digital-hub home is the game room - or screening room, or boom boom room. It is in this sacred space that all of your hard hub work comes together. You watch archived video from your Mac on a 70" projection screen. You play foosball.... And yes, like every good party room, you have a bar.

But what if you need that extra punch to get you over the edge, moving from border-geek to true, larger-than-life gear-geek?

You get the Maytag SkyBox. It's a personal vending machine designed to hold cans or bottles of your favorite drink....

Just like a public vending machine, it keeps your favorite beverages cold and at the ready. Unlike a public vending machine, it takes no money and it has lockouts for when the kids are using the room on weekday afternoons.

What do you think Operation Gadget readers? Is this a must-have for your home theater? If so, it goes on sale tomorrow. Maybe you can find one at a local store early in the day and have it setup in time for the football game in Houston. [ Thanks to Digital Hubub for blogrolling us. ]