Motorola V60i is a Good Choice if You Need GPRS But Not High-end Smartphone Features

I've gotten several requests for reviews of simple mobile phones that have wireless data capability. It appears that there are a number of phones available in this category, and you can get some of them with substantial rebates, if you choose the right service contract.

One good choice is the Motorola V60i. This is a GSM phone with GPRS capability and a black-and-white main display. It's small, 1.77 x 3.42 x 0.95 inches, or about the same size as the Samsung E105 that I reviewed here last month. It supports SMS and EMS text messaging. It also has a built-in FM stereo radio.

Continuing with our comparison to the Samsung E105, the big difference between the two phones is that the Samsung has a color screen. But, if I were in the market, I'd ask myself if the color screen is worth $100 to me. That's because the refund you will get for picking up the Motorola V60i from Amazon (and choosing the right service contract) is $200, while the rebate for buying the E105 is only $100.