Black Diamond Gemini Headlamp Lights the Night

Black Diamond Gemini Headlamp

I am a fan of mountaineering headlamps for their practicality. I have used them for outdoor running in the evening darkness of the Fall and Winter, hanging Christmas lights on the outside of my house at night, car repairs, and running telephone wire in my attic.

The best headlamp I have ever used, in terms of comfort, flexibility, and cost, is the Black Diamond Gemini. I bought this one after going to a local camping store to see and try on the various options. Until then, I had only known about one manufacturer of expedition-quality gear, Petzl. But, after seeing the various types and deciding that I didn't need the most expensive and sophisticated model, I chose the Black Diamond Gemini.

I like the Gemini because it has separate xenon and LED bulbs. These provide good illumination for both close-in and short-distance work. The battery pack takes three AAs and puts them in a waterproof package that sits on the back of the headband. The headband is very adjustable and made of a comfortable elastic.

A few members of my family give me a strange look when I tell them that I regularly run 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers outdoors after I get home from work, at this time of year. But, a good mountaineering headlamp makes this easy to do. I'd like to try riding my mountain bike in this fashion some day, but, I am going to wait until I pick up handlebar-mounted lights as well.